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             Meeting with Yasuda Yutaka operator of the oldest CBX 400/550 Homepage in the www

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            On Sunday, September 3rd, 2006 we had the first German-Japan CBX 400/550 meeting in Frankfurt/Main.

            We met Yasuda Yutaka at Frankfurt International Airport were he has a stopover on his flight to Berlin.

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Since ten years Yasuda’s homepage

“with your CBX 400/550” is online


e talked about our  CBX 400/550. In Japan they have also regular meetings and even the same problems like we have in Germany: scant supply with spare parts…

Before he took the plane to Berlin he invited us to visit him in Japan. We will gladly accept this invitation.

In Berlin CBX 550 friend  Dirk Gorny will make a CBX Tour through Berlin with Yasu. This will be much fun for him.

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                  Mini-screwer at the Schottenring Grand Prix

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                             You join us without club and without membership

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Who are these guys? ? ?

We’re not a club. We’re a unformal privat association of CBX 400/550 drivers, who like to share some activities and exchange experiences. For troubleshooters or wise guys you will (hopefully) look in vain. Each and every CBX 400/550 driver is invited to join us!

This page is just about the CBX 400/550.  Its about

-          the maintainance

-          having fun by driving the maschine

-          sharing activities 

-          exchangeing experiences

-          meet nice people

-          to find help when its needed


Everything without any force.

Every CBX 550 driver is welcome in this connection! There accrue no costs for anybody.

We will create a driver-list and give everybody who wants to join us a warm welcome.

You can get all help we are able to give, each ABE of CBX 550 exhaust systems, lists of spare parts and the suppliers and prices, all documents from Honda about the CBX 550 and much more.

We try to make a meeting every year were all friends can take part and want to make a e-mail newsletter for the CBX 550.

If you have problems with you CBX 550 don’t hesitate to contact my by e-mail or phone +49 (0)6041/821950.


How to join the connection?

It is quite plain: Fill in the application for a free of charge membership and send it back to us.






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