Technics/tips and tricks roundabout the CBX 550 F / F2

We want to create a collection of tips for the CBX 550 F/F2.  
It is self-evident that we don’t assume any liability for the correctness of the data content.

We work on the list and try to complete it bit by bit.

Fuel consumption

High consumotion 1                          

Pictures of Spark plugs

Braks/brake line

To bleed disc brakes


Stop light switcher
            Light              Generator

Steering - cracking

Chassis             Fork spring         Oil seal renew   Fork spring renew Shock


Second-hand vehicles

CBX 550 mit 48 kw

Clutches does not work
Clutches grinde

Brake pads

Lukas MCB 526 front                  Lukas MCB 543 LF back


           Motor:          Intake gums
Storing damage– Causes Motor-reconstruction old/new

Reconstruction from 50 PS to 60 PS

Timing chain

Motor Oil circulation spring                      oil filter
Oil drain plug

Motor noise      noises chirp,
noise rattle 
noise cylinder rattles

       Motor failure          Motor turns off

Starting problems


   Technic Datens         CBX 550 Mass-sheet   

error search

Parts Honda 
Expanable parts

Carburetor Chokezug
Throttle cable
Clutches consumption

Vergaser -Ausbau
Carburetor doesnot work

Carburetor cleaning

Ignitionproblems with CBX 550
ignites very bad



ABE’s and release equipment   

Personal  Tips several experiences

Cleaning and Restaurting aluminium parts

Powder coating

Technical service

Service plan Messuring oil level

Cable & shafts

Tachometer changing