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 Many CBX 550 driver know the problem after long state time our CBX 550 can be hardly pushed from the garage. Two causes the layers come for this to question the with pleasure grates as everybody knows or the brake pistons stick to our Gußbremscheiben firmly are. If the brake pistons one can stick them with three methods solve:

1: With air

2: A lot of fat

3: Hydraulics

I myself have tried out everything three the method is always same only the medium is another I use a hydraulic pump.

First the caliper of the motorcycle diminish .Für the admission drilling of the brake management I have done to myself an adaptor with it I can connect my hydraulic pump the brake pistons with a wood and vice in the unintentional out aviation slowly hinder oil in the caliper press if themselves the pistons slowly move the vice the pistons loosen to her can take out.

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This goes immediately also with a fat press admission drilling the Entlüftungsschraube close solve and press fat in the caliper. (Brake piston with wood and vice certainly!!!)

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Then the pistons take out and mark everything thoroughly for the reinstallation cleaning rust had to do itself in the piston points with 1000 sandpapers still the cuffs and sealing rings polish now renew before the installation the piston and the cylinder career with brake paste or Bremsflüssikkeit the pistons lubricate afterwards insert (with the pistons do not insert misjudged.

Before the installation of the calipers in our CBX 550 still the Gleitbuchsen clean and are greasy we have Schwimmsättel them must allow to move Leich.