Side stand

To whom has this not happened yet? One wants to put the machine on the side stand and he folds back by itself. Our CBX lies in the mud and if we have luck, there have been no bagging in the tank. When the CBX 550 was introduced in 1981 he does not fold back yet from same, but the Tüv this criticised. Honda began an Umrüstaktion and exchanged the side stands: now they fold back by means of feather with Entlasstung by itself. The Tüv was contented and the owners had bagging! We have provided our side stands with a killer counter which prevents that the CBX jump if the side stand is opened out.


Bild 006.jpg (17843 Byte) First there is, as usual, work: I did not want to weld in the frame, therefore, a ring with 40 mms was made outside and 26 mms inside. Then at the side with 2 drillings of 3.2 mms for thread M4 provided and afterwards divided. One half with 5 mms drilled out, in the other there comes 4 mms of thread. For the protection and as a fixture one more case for the counter made and one half of the ring with thread to the case welded. This was ` see!
The cultivation is very easy: simply screw the counter onto the frame. So that the counter is pressed, one more drilling of 4.2 mms in the side stand, with M5 threads provided and a screw eindehen and the head saw off. Then still from the fixing bolt mounts the Pin sawed off and everything. Bild 001.jpg (18418 Byte)
Bild 018.jpg (26923 Byte) Here the counter after the cultivation.
Now draw off still the small plug of the CDI which open isolation and split the white / black cable and with which to both cables of the Killerschaters connect.


With opened out side stand does not jump at our CBX now any more!

Bild 013.jpg (16831 Byte)